Is a Plan Manager the same as a Support Coordinator?

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Is a Plan Manager the same as a Support Coordinator?

While they both play important roles in your NDIS journey, a Plan Manager is not the same as a Support Coordinator. It can be difficult to keep track of all of the different people involved in your plan and the services that each of them provide, especially if you’re new to the NDIS. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide to explain the key differences between a Plan Manager and a Support Coordinator.

What is a Plan Manager?

Think of Plan Managers as the accountants of your plan. We are responsible for ensuring your providers are paid and that your budget is on track, including ensuring that your providers are charging the correct rates. Being Plan Managed also allows you to use providers that are not registered with the NDIS.

Plan Management is available for all NDIS Participants. It is fully-funded by the NDIS, meaning there are no out of pocket costs for you or your network. If your plan is not currently Plan Managed, you can contact the agency and request that funding for a Plan Manager be added to your plan. Find out more about what Plan Managers do.

What is a Support Coordinator?

A Support Coordinator will assist you in setting up, managing and maintaining your supports. They also work to put you in touch with providers that can best assist you in meeting your goals.

Unlike Plan Managers, Support Coordinators aren’t here to help you manage the financial aspects of your NDIS plan. However, they still may have some involvement in keeping track of your budget and ensuring that you are not over- or underspending.

Your Support Coordinator may work with your Plan Manager and the NDIA to trigger a plan review if the level of support that you require is not adequately encompassed in your current plan.

You can have Support Coordinators whether you are Plan Managed, self managed or agency managed. However, although Plan Management is available for all NDIS participants, there are some eligibility requirements for Support Coordination. The NDIS assesses each case individually and in most cases will only provide funding if you don’t have your own network of friends or family to perform the tasks of a Support Coordinator, including helping you find and connect with service providers. Learn more about who is eligible for Support Coordination.

Do Plan Managers and Support Coordinators work together?

In a lot of cases we will work closely with a participant’s Support Coordinator to ensure our customers get the most value from their plan without being under or over budget.

Plan Management and Support Coordination are funded under separate categories in your plan, so you can have both in your NDIS plan. As Support Coordination and Plan Management meet two very different needs, they’re funded under two different categories – meaning you can receive funding for both in the one NDIS plan. This funding will always be included in your NDIS plan on top of the other supports you receive.

Want to find out more about Plan Management?

When you work with Your Plan Partner, we take care of the time consuming parts of managing your plan. Our focus on efficiency and our decades of combined experience mean that you’re ensured a fast turn around and a stress-free experience for you and your support network. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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