NDIS Plan Management Perth

What does plan management involve?

Plan management allows you to:

• Have choice and control over the providers you use;
• Use NDIS registered providers and non NDIS registered providers, providing you access to a much wider range of supports and services;
• In certain instances, negotiate pricing to pay less than the NDIS price guide providing more room for supports under your plan;
• Make value for money decisions in line with your plan; and
• View your plan on our portal to keep track of your budget.

At Your Plan Partner we are commited to working closely with you and your entire support team to help you get the most out of your Plan. The nature of plan management allows us to constantly work remotely to provide assistance to you in accessing your supports and managing your budget.

Best of all, anyone with an NDIS plan is able to request plan management. The NDIS will allocate additional funds in your plan in response to your request, giving you all the convenience and benefits of having a dedicated plan manager without any effect on your budget.

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How can an NDIS plan manager in Perth help you?

If you make the decision to be plan-managed, a plan manager is funded in your plan and must be an NDIS registered provider.
They claim directly from the budgets in your plan to pay your providers on your behalf.

A plan manager will:
• Pay your providers for the supports you purchase;
• Help you keep track of your funds; and
• Take care of financial reporting for you.

Depending on your circumstances, they can also help you choose your providers.