Selecting a Plan Manager

How do you Choose a Plan Manager?

Choosing a Plan Manager should be a straight forward task. As a participant you need to find someone who can help you manage the day to day payment processes so that you can concentrate on the things that matter most.

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What Makes a Good Plan Manager?

A good plan manager will communicate clearly and effectively, will work with you to maximise your plan and help maximise your choice and control.

Of course, they need to be able to process your invoices efficiently and provide timely and accurate reporting. This way you stay in control of your budget and can relax in the knowledge that your service providers have been paid promptly.

Can you change your NDIS Plan Manager?

Yes, you can change your Plan Manager at any time. A key element of the NDIS is choice and control.  If you are already plan managed, you will have to notify your current Plan Manager, which may require up to four weeks’ notice. If you are currently self or agency managed, you can contact the agency to have funding added to your plan. From there, you can select a Plan Manager for more flexibility and to simplify the management of your NDIS plan.

Why You Should Choose Your Plan Partner as Your Plan Manager

The founders of Your Plan Partner have more than a decade’s combined experience in specialist invoice processing and have a very well deserved reputation for professionalism and timeliness. We look forward to helping you!